The below is the Warranty Conditions, Product User instructions and instructions for any cases excluded from Warranty for the cutlery & stainless steel cookware products.


* Warranty period is 25 years starting from date of delivery of the product.


    1. The products must be washed with hot water and dishwashing liquid before the first use. Chemicals containing strong acid (bleach, vinegar etc.) must never be used.

    2. The products must be wiped up with a soft cloth after each washing to prevent formation of stains on them likely to arise from lime and minerals in water.

    3. The products must be washed after use. If they are not washed for a long period, acids in the foodstuff may cause corrosions and color changes from place to place on them.

    4. If you use a dishwasher;

       a) Arrange connection of your machine by the authorized service;

       b) Arrange earth connection of your machine. Otherwise, electrical leakages may cause arc resulting in small pits on the surface of the products;

       c) Arrange salt and rinse aid settings of your machine depending on level of lime of water in your location;

       d) Do not put rinse aid more than the required quantity in your machine;

       e) It is required to prevent contact of the products with each other and wash the knives in a separate part of the dishwasher to prevent more scratches on the products.

       f) Remove wastes remained on your products with water before placing them into the machine.

    5. You may wash all Hisar stainless steel products in your dishwasher.

    6. Never use metal wire wool or brush to clean the Hisar products. If such brushes and wire wools are used, they would cause scratches on the steel.


    1. Tarnishing and rusts due to cleaning or boiling with salty water, bleach or acidic agents.

    2. Rubbing with hard agents which may scratch the stainless steel products.

    3. Problems arising from use of the products beyond the intended use or user fault.

    4. Direct contact of the Forks – Spoons – Knives with fire.

    5. Modification in the products by the use for any reason.

    6. Any products which are not used in accordance with the matters stated above and product’s user instructions are excluded from the warranty.